The Beach

After lunch at the Chinese buffet today, I headed to the Barcelona beach with two guys also staying at Hello BCN.  Jael is a Haitian Quebecer and Daki is an Irishman.  Neither Jael or I can understand Daki most of the time due to his heavy Irish accent coupled with his usually intoxicated state.  Jael and Daki decided they wanted to buy some hashish first, so we wound our way through the city towards the beach as the two of them asked random people whether they had hash.  We got a lot of angry looks, but finally a seedy-looking man sold them some.  We then continued to the beach.

As one friend told me before I got to Barcelona, the beach here is “quite revealing.”  Enough said.

Several South Asian men selling drinks passed by where the three of us lounged on the beach.  When they were close enough, they offered to sell us hash, too.  It was all done on the sly.  They spoke out of the corners of their mouths, glancing around furtively to make sure no cops were nearby.  Then they passed a can of beer to you with a wad of hash hidden behind it, making it look like it was the beer they were selling.  The boys bought another wad.  They offered me some, but I politely declined.

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