The Adventure Continues

Dear Friends and Family,

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books we read as kids?  There would come a point in the story where we would have a choice: Does Tim investigate the strange scratching sound coming from the closet or does he scramble down through the trapdoor?  It seems that such twists in the plot have become ever more frequent in my life story, but the difference, of course, is that these choices and decisions are real with real ramifications.  And alas, I can’t cheat like I used to with those books and flip back through the pages to choose the other option.

So here I am still in Karachi.  Things, thankfully, have been calm for the past week or so.  However, the next adventure has already begun unfolding.  As I mentioned in an email some time ago, a friend I referred to as the “Oracle” in Istanbul prophesied that I would encounter significant changes in my life in my 26th year.  I’ve surmised that she may have been on to something due to two major developments: 1) I’m intent on settling abroad for at least a few years and 2) I’m engaged.

I’ve been pursuing an opportunity with my former company’s Dubai office for some time now.  I met with the folks there on my way to Pakistan, and it looks promising.  We were supposed to have something finalized by now, but unfortunately, the process has been slowed down due to major business restructuring in the region.  It is my hope that we can finalize something within the next two weeks.

And I’m engaged.  Surprised?  Me, too 😉  I set out on my trip open to possibility, and I am happy to say that I’ve met the one I plan to spend my life with.  Her name is Leena.  She lives in Saudi Arabia and was visiting family in Pakistan over the winter holidays.  We were engaged in a small, traditional ceremony here in Karachi, and the wedding is tentatively planned for later this year.

I am returning to New York this Friday, February 1st.  I will stay a few days before heading to Florida for another few days.  By then I expect to know where I will head to next.

Thank you for your continued support and thoughtful emails.  I hope all is well with you, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

With warm regards,

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