Happy Holidays!

Dear Family and Friends,
Eid Mubarak, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year! Sorry to be late for most and early for the last, but due to internet limitations, I have to economize my emails. I hope you are well, and I wish you a blessed holiday season.

When you last heard from me, I was on my way to Karachi, Pakistan. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been here now for over a month. I hope you didn’t take my incommunicado status as a sign of trouble. As expected, things are very quiet here. Street crime is prevalent, unfortunately, but thankfully, I’ve had no issues. With nothing major to report to you, I’ve been using my time to catch up on my journal and blog. If you’ve visited my site recently, you will see that I’ve uploaded more entries and pictures. At the moment I’m working on a video of the recent Eid celebrations in Karachi. I will post that online soon as well.

A fellow traveler in Istanbul predicted that the age of 26 would bring immense change in my life. Given how things are panning out, I’m beginning to think that the “Oracle” – as I endearingly refer to her – may have been on to something. Suddenly there is much afoot in my life — but more on that in future emails. In the meantime, I’m pretty much wrapping up my journey, and I’ve begun planning my re-entry into the ranks of the gainfully employed. I’m giving serious thought to my longer-term plans as well. I’ll let you know where I end up.

There are still many stories to tell about my journey. Please feel free to check my site for updates as I will be posting more entries shortly. Your support and encouragement has been instrumental in keeping me writing, and I thank you for it.

I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been gone for “too long.” I would love to hear from you. Please let me know how things are with you when you get a chance.

With warmest regards,

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