Dear Friends and Family,
Salaam from Marrakesh, Morocco! I arrived her two days ago, and it’s been incredible. Marrakesh really jars the senses with its bizarre clash of cultures, languages, smells, and sheer activity, and I’m already enamored by it. I’m staying with Faical, my Moroccon friend from the train to Basel (I wrote about him in my blog), and I expect to be here until the 28th. You’ve been most kind with your suggestions and tips throughout my trip so far, so if you have a moment, please let me know any insider info you have about Marrakesh or Morocco in general.

Regarding the blog, I regret that I’ve fallen almost three weeks behind. Spain kept me busy. Don’t you fear though. I’ve been keeping my journal up to date, and I will copy over the juicy stuff hopefully this week. I’ve already added three more entries, so feel free to check them out.

I hope all is well with you. Thanks again for your continued encouragement. It gives me the motivation to make the time to write!

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