Faical’s Struggle

Later tonight Faical decided to take his mother to dinner. He asked Anas and Sarah if they wanted to come, but neither did. I agreed to go along.

I ate a McDonald’s burger after many weeks. Back in America I never eat at McDonald’s. I hardly eat fast food in general. In Morocco – as in most developing nations where McDonald’s has a presence – the fast food restaurant is considered a luxury. So it was a nice outing for Faical’s mother. Over dinner I spoke to the two of them about life in Morocco. Faical translated for his mother.

Faical’s father passed away many years ago, and since Faical is the eldest, the care of his family fell on his shoulders. He dedicated himself to doing well in school and with the help of a teacher, he managed to enroll at a school in France for further study. He works part time and sends money home as often as he can to support his family and to provide for his sister’s schooling. It is a big responsibility for someone as young as him, and I can tell that Faical feels the full weight on his shoulders.  He’s an upstanding man, however, and he does not complain. He’s a driven person, and if a little luck favors him, I’m sure he will go far.

It’s evident that Faical’s mother thinks very highly of her first-born, as she should. She’s a lively woman with a big heart. Despite her troubles, she manages to keep her head up. She treats me like her own son, and subsequently, she is keen on getting me married. Unlike many women engaged in matchmaking, however, Faical’s mother appears to have a rational, pragmatic approach. She has promised me a bride in Morocco once I am established in my chosen career.

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