Return to Madrid

I set out this afternoon for one last jaunt around Valencia.  I stopped by the Central Market and had Paella at a nearby restaurant before heading to Hollywood Grill to see Naty.  Then I picked up my luggage and headed to the main train station.  There I caught a late afternoon train to Madrid.

Back in Madrid I find that the weather alone puts me in a good mood and lifts my spirits. I sat outdoors at the Raja Mahal Indo-Pak Restaurant for dinner, reveling in the warm night touched by cool breezes.  The soft murmurings of fellow diners, the tinkle of glasses, and the clink of silverware against plates soothed me somehow.  Passing cars rumbled up the brick road.  An accordion player entertained some diners down the street.  Bursts of laughter came from a nearby restaurant.  It was a lovely night.

The food was excellent.  I commended the Pakistani waiter who threw in a free chai, which was also delicious.  After dinner I attended another flamenco performance at Casa Patas.  I found this one as beautiful and compelling as the first.

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