When the Moon’s in the Sky…

I jotted down a quick note for Steph and Kathryn this morning and left it taped on their door.  I would miss hanging out with them. We had already exchanged contact information though, so we would be in touch.

The drive to Granada was a lot of fun.  The girls sang along to old Italian songs, and when they threw on American ones I joined them.  The girls are very in tune to the American culture and asked me a lot of questions about America and New York in particular.  They love Sex and the City and asked me if New York City really is like how it’s portrayed in the show.  I assured them that the show was not truly representative of New York, which is much more diverse than the frolics of a few women would lead one to believe.  Now that I think about it, Francesco! in Barcelona had mentioned the show as well.  It’s remarkable to me how global American culture is.  Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve heard American music, seen posters for American movies, and caught clips of American shows in various languages.  It’s a good time to be an American in Europe, especially an American from New York.

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